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CohereCohere is the place to develop big ideas. In OLnet we want to find out what the issues are and to work with them. Cohere is a tool that helps you work with ideas by annotating them, linking them with other information on the web, and making meaningful connection between them. Cohere is a freely hosted web application that anyone can use, not just those working on Open Educational Resources.


Evidence Hub for Open Education - Discussion forum on the WSIS UNESCO's community platform.

In the week of June 20-24th, the OLnet team will be actively hosting a discussion forum on the on the WSIS (World Summit Information Society) UNESCO community platform.

Main aim of the discussion is to elicit your reactions to the current version of the OLnet Evidence Hub for Open Education.

Fellowship Report: Integrating Cohere into Moodle Using IMS Basic LTI, Charles Severance (aka Dr Chuck)

Charles Severance visited for a week from 7-11 June. Here is a really great video report of what he did while he was in the UK with the OLnet team.

Cohere Workshop

The first Cohere Workshop was held on Wednesday 9 June 2010, in KMi (Knowldge Media Institute) at the Open University (Milton Keynes, UK).

The Cohere workshop had the main objective to make OLnet team members more familiar with Cohere. It ran for 3 and ½ hours and it was organized in three stages:

Cohere Jetpack extension is a finalist in Jetpack For Learning Design Challenge

The Cohere Mozilla Jetpack extension has been selected as one of the 10 finalists in the Jetpack For Learning Design Challenge. I now get to go to Austin Texas to the design camp where we will do intesive final development and then the SXSW, where mozilla labs will announce the final winner!


OER Collective Intelligence: User Scenarios

A key part of the OLnet project's mission is to test socio-technical infrastructures that will assist in the development of a Collective Intelligence resource for the OER movement ("OER/CI").

One social/semantic tool that we are developing is Cohere (read article). In the context of OER/CI, here are some draft user scenarios that we are testing...


oEmbed your OERs

Many bloggers are familiar with copying embed code from sites like YouTube and Slideshare to include the content in their blog posts. Now there's a simpler, more robust way...

I've tried to write a plain English tutorial, for a non-technical and technical audience - all you need is experience authoring content in a blog or content management system like Drupal or Moodle.

How to embed content on

Embedding on OLnet screenshot, Flickr

Cohere Development and Demo

The OLnet Project is organized in several interconnected research sub-projects that synergically tackle the different research challenges that OLnet is addressing.

Within those, the Collective Intelligence project aims at developing a socio-technical infrastructure to support researchers and practitioners in Open Education to contribute to and learn from the Collective Intelligence that Web 2.0 technologies are constantly generating around OERs issues, resources, communities and projects.


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