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Susan D’Antoni: Open Educational Resources (OER) as a universal responsibility

Susan D'Antoni, one of those involved in the OER Movement from the beginning and focussed on an international perspective, noted - during her OLnet Fellowship - that the international OER movement might be seen in the context of the mythical universal library, particularly when concerns related to cultural hegemony are raised.  To ensure the widest sharing of knowledge, it is the responsibility of all to contribute, while use is determined by the needs of the individual.

Cathy Casserly and Kathy Nicholson visit the OLnet team

The OLnet team were very priveleged to have both Cathy Casserley and Kathy Nicholson visit the team last week.

Cathy Casserley of the Carnegie Foundation was with us as a Visiting Fellow.

Kathy Nicholson of the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation visited to be updated on OLnet's progress. .

OLnet Expert Fellow Ágnes Sándor: report

Goodbye to Yimin, Agnes and Guangyu


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