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Markus Deimann

Markus Diemann Olnet Fellow

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Dr. Markus Deimann

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Open educational resources and educational theories: Bridging the gap

Cathy Casserly

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Cathy Casserly

OLnet fellows

The OLnet Fellowship scheme is closed. The OLnet project is not currently recruiting any more Fellows.



Sandra Wills talks about Project EnROLE

Murilo Mendonca part II: more on collaboration with the OU, UK; OpenLearn use by UNISU VIRTUAL

On how the OU/ OpenLearn collaboration started, progressed, and what it entailed

Murilo: ‘Andreia [Santos] had met our then-director of UnisulVirtual at a conference and they talked, and she said she was working with the OER, and he - the director of UnisulVirtual became very interested. Then at UNISU they needed a person that spoke English, had some experience in distance education in terms of tutoring and also authoring. I had these three pre-requisites because I had written a book on English for reading purposes, and I was also a teacher of English as a foreign language at a distance, I spoke English and so they invited me and asked me whether I would be willing to undertake this new project and I said ‘yes’ because I immediately became interested in the topic of OER so what we did was we got in touch with Andreia and we organized a visit to The OU, UK in late February/ early March 2008. We spent three days here – a colleague of mine and I – and then we formalized this intention of working and collaborating in OER through a letter of intentions which was given to professor Andy Lane.

Kasia and Murilo

Juliana Bbuye: OLnet, TESSA, and the educators of tomorrow

Mrs Juliana Bbuye visited The OU in May 2011 as an OLnet fellow linked to TESSA (Teacher Education in Sub Saharan Africa,, which is a major research and development initiative led by The OU and involving eighteen institutions.

Juliana Bbuye

Juliana’s research focus is on developing skills for teaching, specifically on ‘Skills for sustainable and successful use of TESSA materials in primary schools of Uganda’ which was the title of the presentation crowning her visit to The OU.

Murilo Mendonca: OLnet fellowship observations, reflections, goals, impressions

About his role(s), (research) interests and reasons for visiting OLnet and The OU

I work for UnisulVirtual (University of Southern Santa Catarina). At UnisulVirtual we work with distance and face-to-face education. Last year [2010] I quit face to face education and now I am working only in distance education. In distance education campus called UnisulVirtual I perform three different functions: I am a teacher of English as a second language, I am their Open Educational Resources (OER) co-ordinator, and I am their International Relations Manager.

Natalie Eggleston and Murilo Mendonca

Marcelo Maina: best design for learning

Marcelo Maina’s interests lie in the design of learning experiences and pedagogy of use of educational materials. Being in charge of an innovation project within The Masters in Education and ICT at The Open University of Catalunya (UOC), Marcelo, a Professor and Lecturer at the ELearn Center at UOC, is currently focusing on the authoring of educational resources for versioning.

Portrait of Marcelo 


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