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OER: views, perceptions and uses from participants at the Blended Design Workshop at Brunel University

I spent Monday, 9th November, at the Blended Design Workshop at Brunel University*.  The workshop introduced over 25 participants to a new methodology - learning design in a blended learning context - for learning design, which aims to provide support and guidance to lecturers in making decisions about creating blended learning modules and activities, including engagement with using and developing OER.

Olnet - feedback in a physical space

Interesting interoperability of physical and digital networked spaces for capturing understanding about what Olnet is and what it can offer. 

This was produced Thursday, 01/10/09, at Design Observatory, Venables Building, OU.

A gathering to discuss the connections amongst the various OER and web 2.0 projects currently ongoing at the Open University.  Representatives from projects such as OLnet, Atelier-D, OpenLearn, SCORM, LDI, iSpot, the TERG research group and the OU Library.

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