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Development of OLnet


The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation has supported the development of this project from March 2009 to April 2012. The project aimed to bring researchers and educators together in an intelligent social network to share knowledge on the development of Open Educational Resources (OER).


OLnet progress

OLnet design workshop by openpad, on Flickr

OLnet has five key areas of operation:

  1. Management
  2. Fellowships
  3. Infrastructure
  4. Research
  5. Dissemination


Reports, Journal Papers, Book Chapters

Alevizou, Panagiota (2010). Review of Ruth Wodak & Veronika Keller (eds.), Handbook of communication in the public sphere. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter, 2008. Language in Society, 39(4), pp. 555–561.

Alevizou, P., Conole, G. and Galley, R. (2010). Using Cloudworks to Support OER Activities. Higher Education Academy, York.

About OLnet

OLnet is an international research hub for aggregating, sharing, debating and improving Open Educational Resources (OERs). See Development of OLnet and OLnet progress for further information. 


Tina Wilson interviews members of the OpenSE project


Andreas Meiszner and Jose Carvalho are interviewed by Tina Wilson from the OLnet team at an OpenSE project meeting held in Greece in July 2010. Andreas and Jose talk about the Open Software Engineering (OpenSE) project from each of their perspectives.

Andreas Meiszner from the Open Software Engineering (OpenSE) project. See the video clip at:

Jose Carvalho from the Open Software Engineering (OpenSE) project. See the video clip at:

Weekly update w/c 8th November 2010; Team news, info and useful links


Sorry that the weekly newsletter has not appeared for a month.  I could say that is because there was no news, but unfortunately more like too much.  I have been on leave for two weeks and then a significant number of the team, including me, were at Open Ed 2010 and Mozilla Drumbeat.

Blog posts from team members about the events:

OLnet @OpenEd+Drumbeat 2010, Barcelona

The OU OLnet team will have a strong presence in Barcelona next week -- the most exciting place to be on the planet for open learning! Co-located are the Open Education 2010 conference and Mozilla Drumbeat Festival on Learning, Freedom & the Web. Follow the action via Twitter via #opened10, #drumbeat and of course, #olnet

Fostering creativity in the use of Open Educational Resources

Graínne Conole and Elsebeth Sorensen are collaborating on a paper for a special journal issue on the notion of creativity in the context of Open Educational Resources

Weekly update w/c 11th October 2010; Teams news, info and useful links




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