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UNESCO Policy Forum - Mainstreaming Open Educational Practices (OPAL, CONCEDE)

 Mainstreaming Open Educational Practice

 UNESCO Joint policy forum of the OPAL and CONCEDE Projects

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Key messages from the event on 14 Nov 2011:

First Call for Papers - ICDE 24th World Conference

First call for papers

The conference provides a forum for sharing ideas on redefining the role and strategies of ODL in promoting cross-nation human capacity building. Beyond the main theme of “Expanding Horizons – New Approaches to Open and Distance Learning (ODL)”, will be the following sub-themes:

1) ODL and human capacity building

2) ODL in a changing world

3) Quality and ODL - the way forward

4) Management and strategic development of ODL

5) Open Educational Resources (OER) in a global world

OPAL has a website

The OPAL project now has a website.  See:

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