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Publication: Achieving impact in Africa through openness

Image of report coverPauline Ngimwa was commissioned by the Open Learning Network (OLnet) project to review the experiences and outputs of six fellows from Sub Saharan Africa (SSA). In 2011, the OLnet project partnered with the Teacher Education in Sub Saharan Africa (TESSA) project to offer six fellowships to scholars and educational professionals with an interest in researching open educational resources (OER) and their use to support teacher education.

A new service for Open Access Monographs: the Directory of Open Access Books.


Shared challenges give a structure for the collective intelligence of the community and an opportunity to participate in OLnet research. OLnet has a portfolio of research activities within these strands to provide an infrastructure for the network.



Reports, Journal Papers, Book Chapters

Alevizou, Panagiota (2010). Review of Ruth Wodak & Veronika Keller (eds.), Handbook of communication in the public sphere. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter, 2008. Language in Society, 39(4), pp. 555–561.

Alevizou, P., Conole, G. and Galley, R. (2010). Using Cloudworks to Support OER Activities. Higher Education Academy, York.

JISC OER Report now available!

The JISC Open Educational Resources Programme OER impact study is now available from  The report investigates the impact of Open Educational Resources (OER) use on teaching and learning and draws on literature surveys, interviews, focus groups and workshop data to identify the pedagogic, attitudinal, logistical and strategic factors conducive to uptake and sustained use of OER.

Mind the Gap: Cartograms as visual representations of OER research communication and dissemination

 Cartography is an established visual representation that has long been used to map many different and contrasting worlds. The emergence and evolution of the Information Age has greatly impacted cartography’s traditional role, stressing the importance of good visual representation in our modern society. From Mercator to Peters via Beck it has been possible to represent or chart almost any object as well as real or fictitious places in time. 

Social Media in Higher Education

As part of the Pearls in Clouds project I conducted an extensive literature review and metanalysis regarding the state of web 2.0 tools, or rather, social media in Higher Education.

Key issues in OER research: key messages from comparative case studies

When I started researching the world of OER closely about 18 months ago, I was bemused with the vast diversity of materials, resources and tools - but also with the wide ranging definitions and nuances of the movement.

Started designing a study that would involve not only surveying the existing research and prescriptive literature, but also engaging with stakeholders, policy makers and learners from a diverse body of initiatives and locales. More context about the research study can be found in a relevant post within the OLnet site.

P2PU: A public space for learning and engagement?

I started researching the culture and motivations around Peer to Peer University in Sept 2009, shortly after this remarkable initiative that aims to provide a public space for learning through OER was founded. Several consultations and discussions with the community have been exchanged. Preliminary outputs from the research were presented  at the OpenEd conference in November 2010 (see end of the post for further details).


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