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Publication: Achieving impact in Africa through openness

Image of report coverPauline Ngimwa was commissioned by the Open Learning Network (OLnet) project to review the experiences and outputs of six fellows from Sub Saharan Africa (SSA). In 2011, the OLnet project partnered with the Teacher Education in Sub Saharan Africa (TESSA) project to offer six fellowships to scholars and educational professionals with an interest in researching open educational resources (OER) and their use to support teacher education.

Connecting with Teacher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa (TESSA)

The OLnet-TESSA Fellowship scheme is closed. The OLnet project is not currently recruiting any more Fellows.

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Strand Lead

Freda Wolfenden

OER Readiness in Africa - new publication free download

Pauline Ngimwa submitted a report to the OLnet Project in January 2010 regarding OER Readiness in Africa.  This report focussed on the technological and human factors that have a bearing on the distribution and use of OER in three African countries where the TESSA project is present.

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