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Open Learning

OU Conference 'Learning in an Open World' 22-23 June 2010 Data and Resources


The OU has an internal conference every year to share practice and research around learning and technology. In 2010 we tried something new, and hosted the event completely online. The event took place across 2 days (22nd and 23rd June), with the synchronous presentations being held in Elluminate and asynchronous discussion in Cloudworks. 

Thoughts on OpenEd09 Conference

I spent most of last week attending, for the first time, the annual OpenEd 2009 conference in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Though this was not the first event combining academic grounding and practitioner insight, that I have attended, the openness of concepts and multiplicity of spaces – virtual and physical –  for expression pushed me to think of education in many new ways.  To put it briefly this event did not only provide an opportunity for reflection on the blurring of boundaries between scholarship and pedagogy, teaching/learning practices; it also provided a community space for activists and those interested in broadening the definitions of, and participation in, education and learning.

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