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Policy Forum on ‘Mainstreaming Open Educational Practices’

14 November, 2011, Paris, France

The forum is addressing the important topic of mainstreaming of open educational practices into higher education and adult education. It is part of the UNESCO supported Open Educational Quality Initiative OPAL.

Open Education Week March 5-10, 2012

Patrick McAndrew Video presentation for Open Education Week


Advocacy / policymaker

needs content which explains OLnet for policymakers


UNESCO Policy Forum - Mainstreaming Open Educational Practices (OPAL, CONCEDE)

 Mainstreaming Open Educational Practice

 UNESCO Joint policy forum of the OPAL and CONCEDE Projects

Image of UNESCO building

Key messages from the event on 14 Nov 2011:

JISC OER Report now available!

The JISC Open Educational Resources Programme OER impact study is now available from  The report investigates the impact of Open Educational Resources (OER) use on teaching and learning and draws on literature surveys, interviews, focus groups and workshop data to identify the pedagogic, attitudinal, logistical and strategic factors conducive to uptake and sustained use of OER.

OER in Chinese Higher Education

Open Educational Resources have grown in importance over the past decade in China, with synergies to the international OER movement and strong social and cultural links within the Chinese educational community. A case study is presented of the development of the National Courses of Excellence program launched by the Ministry of Education and adopted by educational institutions across China.

Education "should never be an accident of circumstance'

...said Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary-General, in a speech that he gave together with Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO for the launch of the 2010 Education for All Global Monitoring Report: Researching the Marginalized. The  report released on 19 January, argues that the crisis could create a lost generation of children whose life chances will have been irreparably damaged by a failure to protect their right to education.

Thoughts on OpenEd09 Conference

I spent most of last week attending, for the first time, the annual OpenEd 2009 conference in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Though this was not the first event combining academic grounding and practitioner insight, that I have attended, the openness of concepts and multiplicity of spaces – virtual and physical –  for expression pushed me to think of education in many new ways.  To put it briefly this event did not only provide an opportunity for reflection on the blurring of boundaries between scholarship and pedagogy, teaching/learning practices; it also provided a community space for activists and those interested in broadening the definitions of, and participation in, education and learning.

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