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Working with images on the OLnet site

Working with images in your blog posts or pages in the OLnet site has up until now been a little bit tricky. To make life a little easier a new module has been added to the site called IMCE. When you first start working with IMCE you might find it takes a little getting used to, but hopefully after using it for a while it will enhance your experience of creating content for the site.

oEmbed your OERs

Many bloggers are familiar with copying embed code from sites like YouTube and Slideshare to include the content in their blog posts. Now there's a simpler, more robust way...

I've tried to write a plain English tutorial, for a non-technical and technical audience - all you need is experience authoring content in a blog or content management system like Drupal or Moodle.

How to embed content on

Embedding on OLnet screenshot, Flickr

A few teething issues

We've been working as a team on the new design of the website and adding more content, but there are still some issues that are not quite reolved yet.

Transform an OpenLearn unit into a podcast to learn on the move

The OpenLearn project offers a lot of courses that you can take for free, or even remix. When you have the time to sit in front of your computer this is great, but what about those other times you can't spend time looking at your computer, but the opportunity to learn might brighten up your day? These times might include occasions such as a long car journey, when you are off jogging or waiting at a bus stop.


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