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OER: views, perceptions and uses from participants at the Blended Design Workshop at Brunel University

I spent Monday, 9th November, at the Blended Design Workshop at Brunel University*.  The workshop introduced over 25 participants to a new methodology - learning design in a blended learning context - for learning design, which aims to provide support and guidance to lecturers in making decisions about creating blended learning modules and activities, including engagement with using and developing OER.

What are the barriers to reusing/remixing OERs?

In the OLnet team we lately started a collaborative process of "reflecting" on Open Educational Resources reuse/remix challenges. In order to understand what these challenges may be we tried to answer to the following main questions:

Why reusing/remixing and Open Educational Resource?

What are the barriers to reusing/remixing OERs?

Becta “Teach us a lesson” competition - submit your ideas on how to help people find OERs

In the consultation that led to the Learning Revolution White Paper, many people asked for better information about informal learning. They wanted information to be pulled together online so that it's much easier to both find out and make informed about informal learning opportunities, whether they are in the public, voluntary, self-organised or private sector.

University of the iPod - Sunday Times Article 11 Oct 09

I thought some of you may be interested in link below – I also have a hard copy of the article as I happened to buy this paper when I was on holiday.




Olnet - feedback in a physical space

Interesting interoperability of physical and digital networked spaces for capturing understanding about what Olnet is and what it can offer. 

This was produced Thursday, 01/10/09, at Design Observatory, Venables Building, OU.

A gathering to discuss the connections amongst the various OER and web 2.0 projects currently ongoing at the Open University.  Representatives from projects such as OLnet, Atelier-D, OpenLearn, SCORM, LDI, iSpot, the TERG research group and the OU Library.

Thoughts on OpenEd09 Conference

I spent most of last week attending, for the first time, the annual OpenEd 2009 conference in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Though this was not the first event combining academic grounding and practitioner insight, that I have attended, the openness of concepts and multiplicity of spaces – virtual and physical –  for expression pushed me to think of education in many new ways.  To put it briefly this event did not only provide an opportunity for reflection on the blurring of boundaries between scholarship and pedagogy, teaching/learning practices; it also provided a community space for activists and those interested in broadening the definitions of, and participation in, education and learning.

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