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Best Practice Criteria for Sustainable E-Learning 1 Nov 2011

Best Practice Criteria for Sustainable E-Learning event took place on 1st November 2011

Video available of 3 presentations (just over an hour).
1) Economic Best Practice Criteria Andrew Lane, Professor of Environmental Systems, Open University and Director, SusTeach
2) Pedagogic Best Practice Criteria Dr. Doug Clow, Lecturer in Interactive Media Development, Open University
3) Environmental Best Practice Criteria Peter James, Professor of Environmental Management, University of Bradford and Director, Virtually Sustainable

GUIDE International Conference 2011

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The 5th GUIDE International Conference will deal with key concepts and themes related to the evolution of the knowledge-based society and the personalisation, accessibility and flexibility of the new e-learning models.  In this context particular attention will be paid to quality assurance in the online environment, fostering the exchange of best practices, knowledge and experiences.

Social Media in Higher Education

As part of the Pearls in Clouds project I conducted an extensive literature review and metanalysis regarding the state of web 2.0 tools, or rather, social media in Higher Education.

Conference: Maximising Opportunities for Young learners in the Digital Age, 14 July 2009

This was the final - and largest - event in the ESRC Seminar Series “The educational and social impact of new technologies on young people in Britain”. Looking beyond mainstream articulations of the so-called 'digital generation', the series addressed core issues around the conceptual and methodological challenges for directing policy-relevant and stakeholder-informed empirical research on learning, digital learning and in/formal learning cultures.

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