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Cloudworks logoIn Cloudworks you can create entries describing any object as a "cloud". You can then collect them into "cloudscapes", comment on them, link them together and share. This allows us to work together to create items about events, resources or ideas.


Social Media in Higher Education

As part of the Pearls in Clouds project I conducted an extensive literature review and metanalysis regarding the state of web 2.0 tools, or rather, social media in Higher Education.

OU Conference 'Learning in an Open World' 22-23 June 2010 Data and Resources


The OU has an internal conference every year to share practice and research around learning and technology. In 2010 we tried something new, and hosted the event completely online. The event took place across 2 days (22nd and 23rd June), with the synchronous presentations being held in Elluminate and asynchronous discussion in Cloudworks. 

OER: views, perceptions and uses from participants at the Blended Design Workshop at Brunel University

I spent Monday, 9th November, at the Blended Design Workshop at Brunel University*.  The workshop introduced over 25 participants to a new methodology - learning design in a blended learning context - for learning design, which aims to provide support and guidance to lecturers in making decisions about creating blended learning modules and activities, including engagement with using and developing OER.

Let's have a flash debate!

Burning questions or issues? Come set up a flash debate in cloudworks!

One of the features we have in our social networking site for sharing learning and teaching ( is the concept of flash debates. The idea is that someone poses an interesting question and then others come and discuss.

There have been some great debates over the last couple of months: For example Martin Weller on the changing nature of conferences

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