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Markus Deimann

Markus Diemann Olnet Fellow

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Dr. Markus Deimann

Project Title

Open educational resources and educational theories: Bridging the gap

Project Summary

The research project focuses on exploring and mapping educational benefits and theoretical approaches of OER. It addresses questions such as: “Which educational theories and concepts seem appropriate to analyse OER?” However, it is important to note that the project does not intent to develop a somewhat “new” (i.e., comprehensive) theory of OER. Instead it is aimed at facilitating theory building that can help to establish OER in educational settings.

Markus is working as a work package leader of the project “Innovative OER in European Higher Education”. Overall, this research project contributes to an emerging issue of OER:  Current discussions neglect systematic examinations concerning the relationship between objectives of OER, actual practice, and educational theories. The results of the project are directly related to the OER-HE project with FernUniversität and the OUUK as partners.

Dates visited OU UK

5 to 30 September 2011


FernUniversität in Hagen, Germany

Biographic information

Dr. Markus Deimann, M.A., has been Research Assistant in the Department of Instructional Technology & Media, with Prof. Dr. Bastiaens, at the FernUniversität Hagen since May, 2006. He completed his studies of educational sciences and political sciences at the University of Mannheim with a Master’s degree. After that he became Research Assistant in the BMBF-Project “Multimediales Fernstudium Medizinische Informatik (MEDIN)” at the University of Technology Ilmenau and at the University of Erfurt. Furthermore, for one year, he became a Visiting Scholar at the Florida State University, Tallahassee, USA.

Dr. Deimann works as a peer reviewer for the journal “e-learning and education (eleed)” as well as for various international conferences (e.g. openlearn).  His research interests are E-learning, Instructional Technology and Media, instructional design, motivation, volition.

His teaching experience includes supervision of Modules of the Master’s Degree Program “Bildung und Medien: eEducation” (Beginning: Winter semester 2008/09)

Main Output

“I wanted feedback for my research projects and claims that I want to make and I was strongly encouraged to keep going with my research.”


  • In-depth interviews with experts from the OUUK.
  • Presentation at SCORE Fellows meeting and participation in activities with SCORE Fellows
  • Attended SCORE Workshop on Creative Commons licensing
  • Set up own blog (
  • Started to scoop the I-net:
  • Developed an online survey
  • Joined MOOC #change11 and recorded introduction video


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Update Since Fellowship

“My OLnet fellowship was at the beginning of my research journey and I am now more confident that I am on the right track.”