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What are the Key Challenges for the OER Movement?

We have a new project challenge here at OLnet. Defining:

What are the Key Challenges for the OER Movement?

With the great support of Rob Farrow we were able to put together a first draft of 10 key challenges.
Our aim is to come out, by this Friday (14 Oct) , with a final list of key challenges to add to the Evidence Hub (EH).
These challenges will be used as "Higher Level Questions" that we present to the community and under which we would like to cluster the community generated challenges/issues. This means that every time a user will add a new challenge/issue to the EH he will have the option to say to what "key challenge" it is related.
Another objective of this exercise is also to offer some key "entry points" for new users to explore the Evidence Hub contents.

Key Challenges for the OER Movement:


- How can we improve Access to OER?

- How do we ensure OER Quality?
- What are the issues surrounding Copyright and Licensing, and how can they be overcome?

- What evidence is there of Use (and Re-Use) of OER?

- How do we create the right culture of teaching and learning to improve OER Adoption?
- What are the best ways to Promote and Advocate educational methods which use OERs?

- What Institutional Policies are needed/in place to promote OER?

- What Technologies & Infrastructure are needed/in place to help the OER movement?
- How can we improve the value and impact of OER Research?
- What can be done to improve OER Sustainability?

Now we need your help to discuss, add, amend, change, rephrase or just comment each of those!

In particular, I would like you to reflect on the following questions:
1) What are we missing? Are there some key challenges we did not capture? Could you please suggest them?
2) Are the challenges properly phrased? Please suggest new/better way to phrase existing challenges
Any suggestion welcome!! (Please remember you can send reply until friday this week)
Thanks a lot!