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Evidence Hub for Open Education - Discussion forum on the WSIS UNESCO's community platform.

In the week of June 20-24th, the OLnet team will be actively hosting a discussion forum on the on the WSIS (World Summit Information Society) UNESCO community platform.

Main aim of the discussion is to elicit your reactions to the current version of the OLnet Evidence Hub for Open Education.

The Evidence Hub seeks to distill key insights from the cloud of discussion and opinion, to create a thematically indexed, structured web of Challenges, Solutions and Evidence, and the organizations and projects who form the Open Education movement.

To learn more about the Evidence Hub project and to join the conversation please join the discussion forum on the UNESCO platform. Here you can watch the Evidence Hub intro video and start adding your opinion/suggestions on how we can improve the platform.

In particular we seek to discuss:

  • Do you agree that we need an Evidence Hub for Open Education?
  • What are the main features that an Evidence Hub should have?
  • What would motivate you as an organization, project or a single researcher or practicioner, to share insights from the work you know about?
  • Can you suggest sources which could be harvested automatically to populate the Evidence Hub with, for instance, relevant resources?

Please add your anwers to the UNESCO platform discussion forum and help us to deploy a stronger and useful platform to enhance Open Educational research and practice.

Here below you find some screenshots from the Evidence hub site, describing:

The network of Challenges, Solution and Evidence by OER theme (imgage below)

The geolocation of all the Organizations and Projects working in Open Education that have been already addedd to the Evidence Hub (Image Below).

The "topic-centered" interface to explore and add to the Challenges, Solutions, Evidence and Claims that have been sharen in the Evidence Hub. You can add comments, themes, evidence and vote other users generated content through the widgets surrounding the focal object (green background widget at the center of the page, image below).

If you want to contribute to the Evidence Hub by adding your organization or project, your Challenges, Solutions and Evidence of OER impact and effectiveness in teaching and learning please go to and sign up.

The OLnet team