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Five OLnet-TESSA Fellows will be visiting the UK in 2011

OLnet is working in partnership with the Teacher Education in Sub Saharan Africa (TESSA – see project to support five Fellowship places. 

These Fellowships were open to scholars and other educational professionals from Sub Saharan countries where TESSA already operates (Countries: Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia), who are affiliated to an academic institution and have an interest in researching Open Educational Resources (OER) and their use to support teacher education.

  by  H2O Alchemist 


OLnet and TESSA are pleased to announce that the Fellowships have been awarded to:

  • Ms Pritee Auckloo - Lecturer at Mauritius Institute of Education
  • Prof Fred Keraro - Professor at Egerton University, Kenya
  • Dr Dele Yaya - National Teachers Institute, Nigeria
  • Mrs Juliana Bbuye - Lecturer at Makerere University, Uganda
  • Miss Anuradha Gungadeen - Lecturer in Open & Distance Learning at Mauritius Institute of Education

As part of the Fellowship period, Ms Pritee Auckloo and Miss Anuradha Gungadeen will be visiting the Open University in the UK for two weeks from the end of January 2011 and Dr Dele Yaya, Mrs Juliana Bbuye and Prof Fred Keraro will be visiting for two weeks in May 2011.  All will be completing research projects in relation to OER in their own countries and writing up reports at the end of their Fellowship period.