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ACER Diversonopoly - Tool to increase intercultural education


ACER Diversonopoly is a tool to help education practitioners increase intercultural education. This tool aims to assist tutors and teachers facing issues of diversity occuring in their daily work with intercultural learning groups to become familiar with differentiating cultural characteristics in our modern society and to develop corresponding competence in dealing with culturally mixed groups of learners. Instead of focusing on differences, this learning tool emphasises the positive and beneficial effects of diversity.

The project involves the co-operation between organisations involved in adult education and will increase the mobility of learners and trainers between project partners and will encourage the exchange of best practices in the field of intercultural learning and understanding in adult education within an European learning partnership. The project has developed a generic communication tool to enable those in a range of professions to welcome new arrivals from other cultural traditions into their communities. The target groups for this tool are learners and teachers / trainers / social workers / intermediary professionals who work or interact with intercultural groups. The contents of the tool include better knowledge of different cultures and different ways of living and exploring the benefits of a diverse society. The tool provides a playful setting the exploration of the differences and similarities of various backgrounds, thus supporting the integration of migrants and guiding new arrivals smoothly in the ways of the new host countries.

It is free to download here. Check it out!