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Fix for known Elluminate Connection Problem on Mac on oustaff wifi

This fix is for situations where you try to connect to Elluminate using a provided session link and Elluminate loads and tries to connect but then you receive a connection failed message similar to the message below.


This problem seems to relate to if you are connecting to the oustaff network with proxy settings relating to, but removing these settings does not help as you then cannot connect to the network at all. The simplest way to connect is as follows:

1 Change your connection to the ouguest network:


2 Launch Safari as your browser rather than Firefox or any other browser.

3 If Safari doesn’t automatically go to the Guest (SAMs) login page, put any web address in the address bar or do a random Google search.  You should now see this screen or something similar asking for your OU logon:


4 Put in your OUCU (username in the format abc123) and your password and click on the sign in button.

5 Now paste the Elluminate link into the address bar eg This should take you to the Elluminate session logon page:

6 You do not need a particular logon name or account, just put your name as you want it to appear on the screen then click the logon button and you should then get a message box telling you that something is downloading then Elluminate will launch but you will be asked for permission first :


7 Click on Allow

8 When the application has loaded, a message box will ask you to select your connection speed.  Select wireless 300kbps:

9 Click OK.  Then the application should load and let you enter the session.  Your name will appear in the left box if you have logged on successfully.

10 If this solution is unsuccessful and you still get the same sort of connection failed message contact AACS-TSS (ext 54238).