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Experimenting with Animoto

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I have been experimenting with Animoto. I think it is a fun package but you have to pay to make anything more than 30 seconds (although only $3 per video to try it out and that includes remixing to get several versions).

It is not a quick thing. You need to have a set of images to work with and an idea of what text points you might want to insert between the images. And it takes quite a long time to render the video once you have put together your picture text order and added music.  And then if you want to adjust it, it takes the same time to render it again.

The above video was my second attempt. They are not my photos, but I think allowable for me to use for this not-for-profit purpose. Some from Andreia Santos and Murilo Matos Mendonça.  The majority by the unnamed official photographer, downloaded from the conference website:

I estimate in total for learning and creating it took me about 6-7 hours work. This included sourcing the photos and reducing some of them in size because you cannot upload photos greater than 5MB.  This took a few goes because when I first reduced them it said they were then too small (!!!). And I remixed it 3 times before I was happy with the order, timing, tempo and text. Still not 100% happy, but at what point do you stop?

Although it is possible to signpost to the location to play the video and also to allow others to remix it, I thought for completeness I would also try to upload to youtube. So the embed below is the youtube version with the cover image randomly chosen by youtube as part of the conversion.

Now I am already thinking about how to create a 3 min promotional video explaining what OLnet is about. Hmmmm???

Create your own video slideshow at

Above is my first attempt on the free version using some holiday photos that I had to hand.


Karen, thanks for sharing the video and your experience in creating it.