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Working with images on the OLnet site

Working with images in your blog posts or pages in the OLnet site has up until now been a little bit tricky. To make life a little easier a new module has been added to the site called IMCE. When you first start working with IMCE you might find it takes a little getting used to, but hopefully after using it for a while it will enhance your experience of creating content for the site. As well as hopefully making it easier to upload images, IMCE has facilities to make it easier to reuse images that you have already uploaded and create thumbnails.

IMCE is a way to manage your images. When you want to insert an image into your text do the following:

  • Click on the “Insert/Edit image” button
  • Next to the URL box you will see a “Browse server” button, click this to launch IMCE
  • If you have previously uploaded files with IMCE you will see a list of them. If you would like to reuse an image click on its filename
  • To upload a new image click on the “upload” link in the top bar, a new section will now become visible
  • Select the image you would like to upload with your file browser
  • If your image is quite large and you would like to create a thumbnail of it click “Create thumbnail”
  • Click on the “Upload” button
  • When the image has uploaded you will see part of it in the section at the bottom right of the IMCE window, click on it and the image will be selected. IMCE will close and pass the URL pack to the “Image Properties” window
  • Enter some alternative text for your image to describe it to people using screen readers.
  • If your image is quite small you might wish for the text in your post to flow around it. To achieve this select the appropriate option under “align”
  • Click OK to place your image in the post

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Hi Liam, this is a really helpful page. I have found that it take lots of messing about trying to work out the best 'align' option, so if you have time it would be useful (and visually interesting) if you added some picture examples of the most common align options.  ie Which to use to wrap the text to the right of the picture and the left, etc?

(PS I edited this so it could accept comments and the comment has a title).Karen