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Cohere Development and Demo

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The OLnet Project is organized in several interconnected research sub-projects that synergically tackle the different research challenges that OLnet is addressing.

Within those, the Collective Intelligence project aims at developing a socio-technical infrastructure to support researchers and practitioners in Open Education to contribute to and learn from the Collective Intelligence that Web 2.0 technologies are constantly generating around OERs issues, resources, communities and projects.

Web 2.0 technologies are more an more enabling people to express opinions and ideas, but it is still difficult to empower those voices, that is to say to enable them to be heard from and to impact on the right people, the right practice and the right policy. Thousands of billions of blog entries, web pages, tweets etc give us the "feeling" that a 'collective' exists around OERs, and that this collective posses a proper "intelligence" often able of reach great achievements.

But being a WWW user I may ask myself: what is the best way for me to contribute to this collective intelligence? Were do I 'meet' this collective intelligence? Can I explore it? Can I question it? And what can I discover and learn from it?

In the OLnet project we are investigating ways to answer those questions, while at the same time depicting, designing, implementing and testing Web 2.0 technologies that can be used to contribute, represent, explore and question collective intelligence around OERs.

Cohere is the main technology developed within the Collective Intelligence project. So far Cohere is a tool for collaborative online annotation and mapping of ideas and web resources.
With Cohere users can annotate the web and create semantic connections between annotations.
This function enables the creation of meaningful network of people, ideas and annotated web resources. If you want to learn more about Cohere, click on the following link, this will redirect you to the Cohere demo video.

We are developing a working paper to better explain and demonstrate how this technology can enable the development and exploration of Collective intelligence around OERs.