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Let's have a flash debate!

Burning questions or issues? Come set up a flash debate in cloudworks!

One of the features we have in our social networking site for sharing learning and teaching ( is the concept of flash debates. The idea is that someone poses an interesting question and then others come and discuss.

There have been some great debates over the last couple of months: For example Martin Weller on the changing nature of conferences

There are also a number on twitter! Using twitter with students, is twitter killing blogging

We are looking for people to volunteer to start a flash debate. It won't involve much effort on your part - honest! Simply think of an interesting question. Set up as a cloud and watch what happens! More on using cloudworks can be found here, including a cloud which describes how to set up a flash debate.

If you are interested please email Rebecca Galley, with your suggested question and a date within the following time slots to start the debate:

Slot 1: 23/11/09 - 5/12/09
Slot 2: 7/12/09-19/12/09
Slot 3:4/1/10-15/1/10
Slot 4: 18/1/10-29/1/10
Slot 5: 1/2/10 - 12/2/10
Slot 6: 15/2/10 - 26/2/01

Thanks Gráinne, Juliette and Rebecca

<From email from Natalie Eggleston 10/11/09>