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“Pearls in the Clouds”

The project is funded by the Higher Education Academy and it's aim is to carry out a detailed case study evaluating the use of the Cloudworks social networking site for supporting the use of evidence about learning and teaching, which could include published research, teaching ideas and learning designs.

The Cloudworks website has been developed by the Open University in order to apply web 2.0-type practices to a learning and teaching context. Currently, the site provides a dynamic environment for finding, sharing and discussing learning and teaching ideas and designs, but this will be extended to include more formal examples of evidence for this study.

The case study will focus on use of the site to support a particular community’s needs in the process of developing an OER and will produce guidelines of good practice on application of web 2.0 practices within an educational context.

The project will provide a proof of concept of the application of new forms of social practices possible with web 2.0 technologies to support evidence-informed practice in Higher Education. It will demonstrate how these technologies can be used to foster greater communication and collaboration in learning and teaching and in particular how these tools can be used to provide mechanisms for educators to share, find and discuss evidence relating to learning and teaching.