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Svetlana Knyazeva

OLnet Fellow Svetlana Knyazeva
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Svetlana Knyazeva

Project Title

OER: Quality Assurance, Effectiveness of Using and Legacy

Project Summary

The main objective of Svetlana’s OLnet Fellowship research was the facilitation of early stages of OER movement in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and ensuring sustainability of a project launched by the Moscow-based UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education (UNESCO IITE).

The UNESCO IITE project is aimed at promoting Russian-language open educational resources and includes exploring policy options, identifying needs and opportunities, as well as capacity-building in the production and use of OER in CIS countries. Eventually the UNESCO IITE project shall result in a wider access of the Russian-speaking education community to Russian-language resources.

The research was focused on the examination of three major problems concerned with the production and use of OER:

  • the quality of open educational resources;
  • the effectiveness of use of OER; and  
  • copyright and open content licensing, as applied to the copyright laws existing in Russia/CIS.

This research and the contacts made with Open University researchers has contributed to the UNESCO IITE activities in the development of recommendations and normative guidelines for OER in CIS.

Dates visited OU UK

Two visits. 1 June to 22 June 2010 and 7-11 February 2011.


UNESCO IITE, Moscow, Russia

Biographic information

Svetlana Knyazeva holds PhD in Information and Library Science and is an Advisor for Communication and Information at the UNESCO Moscow Office. Since 2009 she has been coordinating a project on Open Educational Resources in non-English-speaking countries implemented jointly by the UNESCO Moscow Office and the UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education. Before she joined UNESCO she was employed by the Centre for International Cooperation in Education Development as an expert and the State University – Higher School of Economics as Director of the Centre for International Mobility of Researchers. Most of her previous appointments were with the Russian Academy of Sciences as a researcher and coordinator of international R&D cooperation.

Main Output

During the four weeks of my stay at Milton Keynes I learned a lot about the University and its efforts in promoting OER initiatives within and beyond the UK (OpenLearn, LabSpace, OPAL, MORIL, TESSA, etc.). What impressed me the most is the professionalism and dedication of OU staff to the idea of open education and open educational content. I would like to thank Patrick McAndrew, Grainne Conole, Andy Lane, Freda Wolfenden, Teresa Connolly, Andrea Inamorato dos Santos, Giota Alevizou, Paul Mundin, Dominique Newbould, Karen Cropper, Martin Weller, Tina Wilson, Rebecca Galley and many other staff members of the multinational OLnet team.


  • Invitation for Patrick McAndrew and Karen Cropper to present at the UNESCO IITE International Conference in St Petersburg November 2010
  • Commissioned UNESCO IITE Policy Briefings x 3
  • Commissioned report on OER in Brazil
  • The final draft of a paper "Introducing OER opportunities and challenges: the case of the Commonwealth of Independent States and Baltic States" in co-authorship with Andy Lane for UNESCO/CoL monograph submitted by December 2011


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Update Since Fellowship

"I continue working on UNESCO/IITE OER project - the information I received during the fellowship at OU UK improved my knowledge about OER, the relationships established with the members of the network support my professional activities and I hope to continue to work together on joint research project and to promote OER in non-English-speaking countries."