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Susan D'Antoni


Susan D'Antoni

Project Title

Collaborative mapping of the landscape of institutional OER initiatives

Project Summary

The focus of Susan's OLnet Fellowship was on developing a prototype of a visual geographic map of OER initiatives listing them by institution and, country. She worked with Elpida Makriyannis and Teresa Connolly, aiming to build upon the work that Cathy Casserly did while at OLnet, and engaging with the OER Community, IIEP/ UNESCO, UOC, and the Chair partners.

The premise is that it would be timely and useful to conduct a mapping of the global OER landscape of national and institutional initiatives.  Such a map would indicate the scale and scope of the OER movement and constitute an important resource for awareness raising and networking.  The map is first and foremost aimed at the OER Community. And a collaborative mapping engaging the OER Community would promote ownership.

Dates visited OU UK

4-16 July 2011 and 19-27 September 2011


Athabasca University, Canada

Biographic information

Susan is Advisor to the President, International OER Initiatives at Athabasca University.  Previously she was Programme Specialist for the International Institute for Educational Planning/UNESCO.

Over the course of her career, Susan D'Antoni has been actively involved in both adult and higher education and often in activities related to information, working both in her own country, Canada, but also at the International Association of Universities and UNESCO in Paris. Some of the projects she worked on include a survey of correspondence education in Canada, developing a simulated search database on continuing professional education at the University of Toronto's OISE (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education), managing the distance education programmes at the Ryerson University in Toronto and leading the Projections and Analysis Section in the Education Division at Statistics Canada. Susan recalls her time at Statistics Canada as a particularly exciting time with a number of occasional surveys on education. She also headed the Research, Policy and Planning Division at the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada where she initiated an analytic statistical publication, Trends, for university managers.

Susan believes that involvement in the OER movement is not merely a privilege, but a responsibility, that sharing will contribute to making knowledge open, accessible and useful.  A favourite book, The Library at Night by Alberto Manguel, inspired her to reflect on the concept of the universal library, which she raised in her keynote speech on OER at The Cambridge International Conference on Open and Distance Learning 2009.

Interested in information dissemination and open knowledge, Susan believes that after a decade of development, it is time to map the scale of what is going on within the OER movement worldwide, a process that must be collaborative and owned by the OER community at large.

Main Output

A prototype map for discussion and reflection by interested members of the OER community at large.


  • Prototype global map based upon OCWC data
  • Initial outline of the consultation process with the OER Community and a list of the partners to be involved


D’Antoni, S (2009), ‘Open Educational Resources: Building Knowledge Societies’.

Kozinska, K (2011), 'Susan D’Antoni: Open Educational Resources (OER) as a universal responsibility’,, 21 July [online],  (Accessed 13 December 2011).

Update Since Fellowship

The prototype map will be released during the first annual Open Education Week from 5-10 March 2012.  All those interested will be invited to take part in a subsequent online discussion.