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SURVEY: What are the Key Challenges for the OER Movement?


In a previous post, we have launched an open consultation of "What are the key challenges for the OER movement?"The post has started an interesting conversation between several OER experts which finally has brought to a revised list of Key Challenges for the OER movement that have been added to the Evidence Hub and can be explored here.

In parallel we have automatically processed 125 major OER project reports with a NPL from XEROX (XIP the Xerox Incremental Parser) in order to extract key OER challenges 'by machine'. In this way we have obtained a list of key challenges for the OER movement partly through consultation with OER experts, and partly through automatically processing major OER project reports.  We now would like to launch a survey which aims at assessing the validity and relevance of the results of machine processing in complementing human analysis. 

Please help us by filling in this simple survey which will not take you more than 5-10 minutes.

Moreover the survey will help to identify and eventualy add new key OER challenges to the main list, that have been suggested by the automatically analysis of a big amount of documents in the OER field, and that can indicate key issues that the community may have overlooked.

The data of the survey will remain anonymous and will exclusively be used for research purposes.

This research is conducted in collaboration between KMi (Open University, UK) and Xerox Research Centre Europe.  If you are interested in the results or if you have any other questions, please email: 

Agnes Sandor:
Anna De Liddo: