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Scott Leslie


Scott Leslie

Project Title

Tracking OER Reuse of “Download-able” Resources

Project Summary

The OLnet project posed, as part of a larger set of Research Questions, some specific questions about how to track the Reuse of OER:

5a. Are OER being reused by teachers – track from demand side but could try sampling teaching to see if there is any evidence of OER in the teaching materials that students see.

5b. Automated ways to track OER such as watermarks. Persistence and comparison of original with derived.

During his visit as an OLnet Expert Fellow, Scott Leslie devised a method to track OER that have been downloaded from their original locations and are being used elsewhere, a use case that did not appear to have been previously addressed by the OER community.

Dates visited OU UK

24 June – 23 July 2010


BCCampus, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Biographic information

Scott Leslie is an educational technologist, hacker, researcher and open content/open network activist. He currently works as the Manager of Client Services in Open Education for BCcampus, a province-wide post-secondary agency in British Columbia, Canada.

Previously, Scott researched course management systems, repository and eportfolio software with Dr. Bruce Landon as part of the Western Cooperative on Educational Telecommunications’ (WCET) team. He was the research coordinator for educational technology at the Centre for Curriculum, Transfer and Technology (C2T2), a post-secondary system agency in British Columbia, Canada.

Scott was also the webmaster at both Mount Royal College and The Banff Centre for Continuing Education, and an instructor for the PanCanadian EdTech Summer Institute. He holds a combined honors BA in English and Philosophy from the University of Western Ontario, and a MA in Critical and Cultural Theory from the University of Wales, College Cardiff.

Main Output

“My time as an OLnet fellow gave me a chance to work out ways to track OER materials after they have been downloaded from our repository and reused in other contexts. This was invaluable both for the time to create a working prototype but also to work through some of the policy issues the approach raised.”


  • Prototype method for tracking reuse of OER
  • Presentation to OLnet Team July 2010 Video online
  • Presentation to OU staff July 2010 Video online
  • Draft Paper (wiki)


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Update Since Fellowship

“I did come back with the intention of implementing the prototype into production, but a variety of reasons, both technical and policy, have prevented that. The fellowship did provide the basis though for more realistic decision making around tracking data and what was important to us.”

“I am very happy to continue relating to folks in OLnet. One happy by-product of my time there was a chapter co-authored with Alexandra Okada of the KMI. This was based on a talk I did while at the OU, and so while not part of my initial fellowship proposal, a very happy result in any case, and hopefully additional collaborations will result too.”