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OLnet offers a number of tools and resources to support open education. 

OLnet tools include:



Cloudworks - a tool for collaborative academic discussion
Short info about Cloudworks | Direct to site

Evidence Hub Logo 

Evidence Hub - a tool to map evidence about OER
Short info about the Evidence Hub | Direct to site

Cohere logo 

Cohere - a collective intelligence tool
Short info about Cohere | Direct to site

Compendium Logo 

Compendium - a tool for visualising connections between information and ideas
Short info about Compendium | Direct to site

Compendium LD Logo 

Compendium LD - a tool for visualising learning design
Short info about Compendium LD | Direct to site


Open Education Resources from OLnet partners:


Open Learning Initiative Logo 

The Open Learning Initiative (OLI) - Carnegie Mellon University's OER site
Short info about OLI | Direct to site

Open Learn Logo 

OpenLearn - The Open University, UK's OER site
Short info about OpenLearn | Direct to site

Labspace Logo 

OpenLearn LabSpace - The Open University's space to experiment with and remix OER
Short info about LabSpace | Direct to site