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The OLnet Fellowship scheme is closed. The OLnet project is not currently recruiting any more Fellows.


Strand Leads

Patrick McAndrew, Karen Cropper

What is it?

OLnet fellowships were offered for researchers and practitioners who wish to contribute to the understanding of Open Educational Resource (OER) design and use worldwide. 

There were also six special TESSA Fellowships in partnership with the TESSA project

OLnet Fellowship Programme

OLnet invited applications for fellowships. OLnet fellows worked on projects that helped identify the value and evidence for use of OER, either a research project of their own or by joining one of the ongoing OLnet research projects.  The guidelines for the recruitment process are still available on this site for reference here.

The fellowships were flexible but usually lasted up to three months, with funding provided by OLnet. Fellows were expected to spend a period researching alongside the OLnet Research Team (based on the Walton Hall campus of the Open University, in the United Kingdom). This enabled fellows to familiarise with the OLnet goals and with the team, as well as with the Open University's infrastructure to support research. The remaining part of the fellowship period was flexible.

Fellowships featured:

  • Support infrastructure for research.
  • Connection with experts.
  • Output to the community via publications and online dissemination.

This element of the project is complete.  There are no further opportunites for fellowships in the current funding.

Types of OLnet Fellowship

OLnet offered three levels of fellowships:

  • Expert fellowships - Bringing in expertise and skills to address key issues
  • Fellowships - working alongside researchers to develop skills and apply them in practice
  • Internships - Developing skills through helping OLnet

Progress to date

OLnet Fellowships - on target
  • Target: Cumulative total of 7 by 1 March 2011
  • Target: Cumulative total of 12 by 1 March 2012
Expert Fellowships (formerly OLnet Professorships) - on target
  • Target: Cumulative total of 7 by 1 March 2011
  • Target: Cumulative total of 12 by 1 March 2012

For a list of OLnet fellows and some of their experiences see the OLnet fellows page.

Other Open University Fellowship Schemes

(Links correct as on 1 Feb 2012)