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Research Leads

Ann Jones, Canan Tosunoglu, Eileen Scanlon

What is it?

Evaluation of specific projects within OLnet and the activities of the network overall.

Research Questions

  • How does OLnet address its overall aims?
  • How does OLnet address its research questions?
  • What are the motivations of OER learners?

Progress to date

There are three activities within the OLnet evaluation strand:

  • Use of a Generalised TEL Evaluation toolkit.  In conjunction with other projects and building on experience of complex projects, an evaluation framework is under trial.  Initial focus is on activity in another project (evaluating the use of games and sensors to improve business capability).  This framework provides a working collaborative model that uses participatory evaluation techniques to ensure a) stakeholder engagement and b) that the appropriate inputs go into the evaluation to provide meaningful and useful outputs. The Design and Evaluation framework operates on the macro-level and is supported by micro-level evaluation toolkits that are tailored to the needs of the object under evaluation.
  • Reflection on OLnet research questions.  A survey of the OLnet team was undertaken in 2009 to produce a meta-view of how the different strands of OLnet addressed its overall aims and research questions so far.  This exercise is being repeated and additional effort will be applied in year 3 to assist reflective reporting of OLnet.
  • Investigating motivations of OER learners.  Linked to the PhD studentship of Kasia Kozinska, this activity is examining the motivations of OER learners and is conducting a number of case studies including OLnet, OpenYale, OpenHistory and the Modern Poland Foundation.