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Marcelo Fabián Maina


Marcelo Fabián Maina

Project Title

Designing OER for versioning

Project Summary

This was a short visit fellowship with the aim of exchange with the OLnet people about the development of an OER design model for versioning.

The approach highlights the importance of thinking OER design in action, immersed in a learning situation. The conceptual and procedural model assists the teacher in the parallel creation of the OER and the definition of learning activities that will use the OER as a primary resource. The activities in turn contribute to reshape the in-progress authoring of the educational piece.

The OER development cycle is complemented with the learners’ productions. Learners’ activity outputs are, in this context, interpreted as learner generated content, which is integrated within the OER. The final state of the OER is an augmented and revised version of the original material.

The specific objectives of the visit were to:

  • Outline a model for the design of OER that meets some of the following criteria:
  1. authored by SME (subject matter experts)
  2. embed pedagogy guiding OER use
  3. allows different types of “augmenting” by students (from open to open)
  • Outline some “rules of thumb” that guide the OER design model application
  • List a set of technical requirements for OER implementation
  • Explore possible ways to collaborate between UOC and OU

Dates visited OU UK

6 to 18 June 2011


Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)

Biographic information

Marcelo Fabián Maina is a lecturer in Technology Enhanced Learning at the eLearn Center, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC).

As a teacher, he coordinates courses of the Master in Education and ICT (e-learning) and lectures in courses of the Joint Certificate Online Course Design and Teaching (UOC-University of New Mexico).
He obtained a BA in Communications and Education from the Universidad Nacional de Entre Ríos (Argentina), a Master in Communication Sciences from the Université de Montreal, and his PhD in the Information and Knowledge Society Programme at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Barcelona. 

His dissertation is on learning design, with a special focus on design practice exchange (thesis on open repository: short version in book chapter: His research encompasses such topics as learning design methods and tools, formalization of different pedagogy approaches, personalized learning, open educational resources and practices, and learning ecologies. He is currently member of the Edul@ab research Group where he develops his research interests. He has also coordinated research and innovation projects as well as lead European project work packages. He has co-authored peer-reviewed publications in scholarly journals and conference proceedings ( He has participated in conference scientific committees, as well as a reviewer in teaching innovation symposiums.

As an OER enthusiastic, he has participated and participates in European projects related to OER and OEP of the Life Long Learning programme “CONCEDE” and “OERTest”, and of the AlfaIII programme “OportUnidad”. He has contributed to the OER repository at UOC “O2” and to the UOC Open CourseWare initiative. He has promoted the approach through webinars and interviews.

Main Output

“There’s a human and an academic side to fellowship. I could fulfil both, gaining a group of colleagues willing to participate in common activities and being able to advance in my project focusing on OER design for learners’ versioning. I was able to discuss and write on this subject purpose of my visit.”


  • Paper presented at the Guide2011 conference. Rome, 17-18 November 2011.
  • Paper presented at the TIES2012 conference. Barcelona, 1-3 February.
  • Paper submitted to the CIDUI conference. Barcelona, 4-6 July 2012


Maina, M.; Guardia, L. (2012), “Un modelo de creación de contenidos en abiertos para el aprendizaje” [translation “A model of open content creation for learning”], TIES2012 conference. Barcelona, 1-3 February 2012.

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Pérez-Mateo, M., Maina, M., Guitert, M., & Romero, M. (2011). Learner Generated Content: Quality Criteria in online Collaborative Learning. EURODL, special issue on Creativity and Open Educational Resources (OER). URL:

Maina, M. (2009). Designing ready to deliver Units of Learning: A case study. Journal of Learning Design, 3(1), 21-33. URL:

Update Since Fellowship

“First, I’ve continued writing on the subject and presenting to the conferences referenced before.
Second, I’ve been working on the development of wiki templates and wiki extension functionalities for the implementation of the project. Finally, I’ve been co-authoring an OER for versioning and outlining an evaluation and validation process of the initiative.

“I just want to mention the value of these fellowships in creating links that go beyond the period they fund. Both in formal and informal ways, gains are assured. Thanks to all.”