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Kasia Kozinska

Olnet Student Kasia Kozinska


Kasia Kozinska

Thesis Title

'Supporting lifelong learning: motivations for and processes of learning with different Open Educational Resources' (CASE Studentship funded from Fellowship budget)


1 October 2009 to September 2012


Kozinska, K.; Kursun, E.; Wilson, T.; McAndrew, P.; Scanlon, E. and Jones, A. (2010). Are open educational resources the future of e-learning? In: 3rd International Future-Learning Conference: Innovations in Learning for the Future, 10-14 May 2010, Istanbul, Turkey. Available from:

Kozinska, K., McAndrew, P.; Jones, A., Scanlon, E. (2011). Motivations for socio-collaborative learning practices: examining how community and interactions support learning among registered users on OpenLearn, Proceedings of the 6th Open Knowledge Conference, 2011, Hellmann, S., Frischmuth, P., Auer, S., Dietrich, D. (Eds.), June 30 & July 1, Berlin, Germany. Available from:


Social Learning in the context of OpenLearn (The Open University Systems and Communications Department Social Learning Seminar 2010), academic supervision: Dr Ann Jones, Dr Patrick McAndrew, Prof Eileen Scanlon, Dr Tina Wilson.  Available from:

Global Tendencies in Open Educational Resources (OER); Different approaches to OER: benefits, trends and challenges from the learner, educator and provider perspectives (UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education International OER Workshop, 2011), Academic supervision: Dr Patrick McAndrew, Dr Ann Jones, Prof Eileen Scanlon.  Available from:

Blog posts

Kozinska, K (2011),"OLnet TESSA visiting Fellows from Mauritius (24 January - 4 February 2011): Anuradha (Anu) Gungadeen and Pritee Auckloo",, 3 February [online], (Accessed 21 February 2012)

Kozinska, K (2011), 'International Workshop ‘Open Educational Resources and Intellectual Property Rights’, May 31 – June 1 2011, Moscow, Russia',, 3 June [online], (Accessed 15 March 2012)

Kozinska, K (2011), "Juliana Bbuye: OLnet, TESSA, and the educators of tomorrow",, 7 July [online], (Accessed 21 February 2012)

Kozinska, K (2011), "Marcelo Maina: best design for learning",, 21 July [online], (Accessed 23 February 2012)

Kozinska, K (2011), 'Murilo Mendonca: OLnet fellowship observations, reflections, goals, impressions',, 21 July [online], (Accessed 13 December 2011)

Kozinska, K (2011), 'Susan D’Antoni: Open Educational Resources (OER) as a universal responsibility’,, 21 July [online],  (Accessed 13 December 2011).

Kozinska, K (2011), 'Murilo Mendonca part II: more on collaboration with the OU, UK; OpenLearn use by UNISU VIRTUAL',, 17 August [online], (Accessed 13 December 2011)

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