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George Siemens


George Siemens

Project Title

Building a Massive Online Open Course (MOOC), Change: Education, Learning, and Technology!

Dates visited the UK

6 to 23 July 2011


Complexive Systems Inc, Canada

Biographic information

George Siemens is an internationally known writer, speaker, and researcher on learning, networks, technology and organizational effectiveness in digital environments. He is the author of Knowing Knowledge, an exploration of how the context and characteristics of knowledge have changed and what it means to organizations today, and the recently released Handbook of Emerging Technologies for Learning. Siemens is currently a researcher and strategist with the Technology Enhanced Knowledge Research Institute at Athabasca University.

Previously, George was the Associate Director, Research and Development, with the Learning Technologies Centre at University of Manitoba. His research interests include social software, learning networks, emerging technology, learning analytics and visualization, and the design of organizations in response to social and technological change pressures. Together with Stephen Downes and Dave Cormier, Siemens has pioneered open connectivist courses that have included thousands of educators and students as participants. He is a frequent keynote speakers at conference detailing the influence of technology and media on education, organizations, and society. Siemens has maintained the elearnspace blog ( for ten years and for five years. Additional background information is available at

Main Output

The thinking behind and preparation for the MOOC, Change: Education, Learning and Technology. The course introduces participants to the major contributions being made to the field of instructional technology by researchers today. Each week, a new professor or researcher will introduce his or her central contribution to the field. Facilitated by Dave Cormier, George Siemens and Stephen Downs.

Video: An interview with George Siemens