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Elsebeth Sorensen



Dr Elsebeth Korsgaard Sorensen

Project Title

OER Innovative Design

Project Summary

While spending a semester at The Open University as an expert research fellow affiliated with OLnet, Elsebeth carried out research, in collaboration with Professor Graínne Conole, on:

1) Innovative design, delivery and evaluation of an OER-approach to teaching and learning online (among other things, this aspect addresses the characteristics of sustainable OER-models, OER-concepts and OER-tools/resources that will enhance intercultural sharing and collaboration in online teaching and learning in higher education?

2) Innovative design of OER based communication and dissemination mechanisms to support the intercultural education and competence development of researchers (this part is addressing OER essential to becoming a professional researcher.

The two areas evolve around the notion of creativity and OER in design of open communication and learning in a digitalized, multicultural global perspective.

Dates visited OU UK

13 September – 20 December 2010


Aarhus University, Denmark

Biographic information

Elsebeth is associate Professor, Ph.D., in ICT, Communication and Learning, Dept. of Information & Media Studies, Aarhus University in Denmark. While still at Aalborg University, before taking up her post Aarhus University, she was director of the successful master programme in ICT and Learning (MIL), offered in equal collaboration between five Danish Universities (Aalborg University, Aarhus University, Copenhagen Business School, the Danish Pedagogical University, and Roskilde University). A decade ago she was one of the initiators and designers of the programme and has since then continuously been a member of the steering group of MIL, as well as a designer, teacher and supervisor.

For many years Elsebeth has been engaged in national and international research activities within design, delivery and evaluation of technology supported open learning processes. Her research - which is directed towards both the field of Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL), distance and open learning (DE) and eLearning - comprises pedagogical/instructional design and implementation of technology across virtual and physical teaching and learning contexts. The perspective of this research is formed by communicative and learning theoretical positions and has its main focus on the pedagogical and instructional aspects around the establishment of dialogue, reflection and collaboration across digital and physical contexts, as well as on the realisation of Problem-Oriented Project Pedagogy (POPP) across these spaces.

Currently, Elsebeth’s research is focusing intensively on the enhancement of teaching and learning across virtual and physical contexts, raising questions such as:

  1. how to make use of the potential of digital and mobile technologies (incl. Web 2.0 and social software) in design of dialogic teaching and learning processes in higher education contexts,
  2. how to utilize the power of digital and mobile technologies (incl. Web 2.0 and social software, interactive whiteboards, computer games, mobile phones and video, etc.) in high school contexts, and
  3. how to use the power of digital and mobile technologies and OER as reflective tools in the pursued of the ongoing global process of advancing learner empowerment and digital democratic citizenship.

Main Output

Special journal issue on creativity and Open Educational Resources (OER), Special issue of EURODL.


  • Presentation to OLnet Team meeting 30 November 2010
  • Collaborative international bids to Danish agencies for funding (with Graínne Conole)


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