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About OLnet

OLnet is an international research hub for aggregating, sharing, debating and improving Open Educational Resources (OERs). See Development of OLnet and OLnet progress for further information. 

OLnet offers:

  • A website to share information about OER research.
  • A number of tools and resources to support open education, including: 
    • A collective intelligence tool to review the evidence for the use and reuse of OER: the Evidence Hub for OER
    • A social networking tool to find and share learning teaching and research ideas: Cloudworks
    • A visual tool to represent, organise and share knowledge: Cohere

Olnet conversationsParticipation in the OER Community

Members of the OLnet team have taken part in many Conferences, Workshops and Events.  There has also been active participation in the online community through blog posts, Twitter and other social networks.

OLnet Team

See the Team page for information about who is behind the OLnet project.