OLnet offers a number of tools and resources to support open education. 

OLnet tools include:



Cloudworks - a tool for collaborative academic discussion
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Evidence Hub - a tool to map evidence about OER
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Cohere - a collective intelligence tool
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Compendium - a tool for visualising connections between information and ideas
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Compendium LD - a tool for visualising learning design
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Open Education Resources from OLnet partners:


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The Open Learning Initiative (OLI) - Carnegie Mellon University's OER site
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OpenLearn - The Open University, UK's OER site
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OpenLearn LabSpace - The Open University's space to experiment with and remix OER
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Cloudworks logoIn Cloudworks you can create entries describing any object as a "cloud". You can then collect them into "cloudscapes", comment on them, link them together and share. This allows us to work together to create items about events, resources or ideas.


Cloudworks is simple and flexible and a great place for working with like-minded people.

Quick link to using Cloudworks.

You may also want to look at a 30 minute presentation plus audio about cloudworks (below).

Cloudworks Intro
View another webinar from grainne

Evidence Hub

Evidence HubThe Evidence Hub for Open Education is a Collective Intelligence tool developed as part of the OLnet project. It aims to provide an environment to systematically interrogate the Open Education movement to represent and map the collective knowledge and memory of the Open Education community. Join us in building a living map of the OER world. Help us gather, distill, connect and map what is known - and what we don't yet know...

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Evidence diagram








CohereCohere is the place to develop big ideas. In OLnet we want to find out what the issues are and to work with them. Cohere is a tool that helps you work with ideas by annotating them, linking them with other information on the web, and making meaningful connection between them. Cohere is a freely hosted web application that anyone can use, not just those working on Open Educational Resources.





CompendiumCompendium is a knowledge map software tool for visual thinking. Knowledge Mapping is a key skill in 21st century lifelong learning. Fragments of information are linked in a map to make information easier to access. Compendium is based on many years research on the use of such tools in educational and workplace settings.

  • People are able to see what they are thinking.
  • Helps people to manage large amounts of information – e.g. in government, education, business and research.

Visit the Compendium Institute site to download the software.

Compendium Institute website











CompendiumLDCompendium LD is a knowledge mapping software tool to design learning activities.

Visit the Compendium LD site to download the software.

Learning design diagram in CompendiumLD















Open Learning Initiative

Open Learning InitiativeThe Open Learning Initiative is Carnegie Mellon University's open educational website.

Using intelligent tutoring systems, virtual laboratories, simulations, and frequent opportunities for assessment and feedback, OLI builds courses that are intended to enact instruction – or, more precisely, to enact the kind of dynamic, flexible, and responsive instruction that fosters learning.

Open Learning Initiative website











OpenLearnOpenLearn is the Open University's initiative to share some of its content and tools as Open Educational Resources. OpenLearn gives access to two key tools that researchers (and anybody else) can use:

  • The Compendium knowledge mapping software to download and use, 
  • FM live flashmeeting for free to use video conferencing

OpenLearn is also a good resource for looking at a range of OER materials in use by learners and educators.

OpenLearn home page







 OpenLearn free courses






OpenLearn LabSpace

The OpenLearn website gives free access to learning materials from higher education courses.

OpenLearn’s LabSpace makes many different open educational resources (OER) available to you from a wider OER community associated with The Open University.

Edit the materials in the LabSpace. Collaborate with others and publish new versions of the learning materials to share with the world.

Screen shot of LabSpace home page