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Talk on 'sentiment mining' tools

I went to one of the weekly technology coffee mornings that are held in our unit (Institute of Educational Technology) on Wednesday.  It isn't always easy to fit in the time to go, but all of those that I have managed to get to so far have been really interesting.  I find it useful to give me an overview of the technology but also to get a sense of who is doing what in this huge organisation that is the Open University.

A few teething issues

We've been working as a team on the new design of the website and adding more content, but there are still some issues that are not quite reolved yet.

OER10 Conference 22-24 March 2010

Added the OER10 conference as an event in the calendar.  Members of OLnet team are submitting papers for the call deadline of 6 November 2009.

University of the iPod - Sunday Times Article 11 Oct 09

I thought some of you may be interested in link below – I also have a hard copy of the article as I happened to buy this paper when I was on holiday.




Open CourseWare Seminar TU Delft 9 October in Netherlands

Event added, see: - This Seminar will cover both the start up of an OCW initiative from the TU Delft perspective and the options for an OCW follow-up in the Netherlands. OCWC director Mary-Lou Forward will be the Key-note speaker. You can find more information (such as a program overview) on 

OLnet Progress Report Telephone Meeting with Hewlett

Thanks again to everyone who sent information through to answer the questions from Kathy Nicholson yesterday. Patrick and I spent the afternoon pulling that information together and sent a four page document by email half an hour before the scheduled telephone call plus a separate PDF (OLnet infrastructure diagram from Nick).

OLnet Team meeting 23 September 2009

(Live) notes by Patrick from team meeting on 23 September 2009 are on the wiki at:

Developing tools to record and annotate research presentations and workshops

CREW (Collaborative Research Events on the Web) aims to improve access to research event content by capturing and publishing the scholarly communication that occurs at events like conferences and workshops. The project is developing tools to enable presentations and similar sessions to be recorded and annotated and enable powerful searches across distributed conference and related research data.


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