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Towards a Network of Content and Curriculum: Interoperability of OER Projects

Workshop facilitated by Brandon Muramatsu and Jeff Merriman

OER10 Conference, Cambridge

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OER Reuse

OER 10: the openness agenda

OER10 Conference, Cambridge, UK   -    Opening Talk by Dr Malcom Read, JISC Executive Secretary

Dr Read starts by discussing the various contexts in which 'openness' is used:



 Live blogging, 18th March, 9AM

Talk by Dr Indrajit Banerjee


Dr Indrajit Banerjee of the UNESCO ICT in Education, Science and Culture starts by considering some of the challenges and benefits of distance education. Next, he recommends practitioners the use of  the ICT Competence benchmarks for teachers, launched by UNESCO.

Literacy in the Digital University

 Live blogging 2pm:

Talk given by Dr Robin Goodfellow for the Teaching and Learning Research Group of the Open University (TLRG). 

TuDelft Open Courseware Seminar: The OUNL experience

Live blogging, 10:00 AM

TUDelft University is hosting a seminar on open courseware today, mostly targeting the universities of the Netherlands. The idea is to bring together prospective and existing initiatives to discuss the challenges and the successes of OER provision.

The experience of the Open University of the Netherlands was presented by Robert Schuwer:

Explore, map, build workshop: the 4 themes and their connections

 Live blog post, 3pm

continued form previous post:

1) Models of technology:

All projects use a pool of technologies: social networking (e.g. Facebook, Ning, Cloudworks), repositories (OpenLearn, slideshare, flickr), mapping software (e.g. Compendium, Cohere).

2) Models of learning:

Common to all projects: an attempt to blend formal and informal learning;

Discussed: the individual and social dimension; structure and unstructured materials.

3) Models of community:

Explore, building, work: brainstorming questions

 Live blogging:


continued from previous post:

What does each project think they can get out of this workshop?

What are the models of learning?

What do we mean by communities? What about collaborations?

In terms of technology, what are the experiences we have in terms of using different tools? How can we pull this knowledge together?

How can we use tools to better communicate and support communities?

How to explore ways of communication between OU existing projects?

Explore, map, build workshop

 Live blogging:


This morning we are gathered together at the Open University, The Design Observatory, Observation Space, to discuss the connections amongst the various OER projects existing in the university. By 'we' I mean representatives from projects such as OLnet, Atelier-D, OpenLearn, SCORM, LDI, iSpot, the TERG research group and the OU Library.


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