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oEmbed your OERs

Many bloggers are familiar with copying embed code from sites like YouTube and Slideshare to include the content in their blog posts. Now there's a simpler, more robust way...

I've tried to write a plain English tutorial, for a non-technical and technical audience - all you need is experience authoring content in a blog or content management system like Drupal or Moodle.

How to embed content on

Embedding on OLnet screenshot, Flickr

Tracking OERs

The ability to track open educational resources (OERs), when they are distributed for example via RSS or as IMS Common Cartridges, was a live topic at the recent CETIS conferenceOER technical roundtable session, and is part of OLnet research question 5.

CETIS conference, A brave new world

I went to the JISC CETIS conferenceA brave new world” last week in Birmingham, and I found it a very useful and friendly event. Grainne Conole and I live blogged some of the sessions - a new experience for me! I thought I'd supplement those notes with a summary of what I took away from the conference.


Candace Thille on Opening Up Education

A message from Candace Thille for readers of the book, Opening Up Education. [video: align:center] View the book online at MIT press, including a table of contents.

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