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Presenting OLnet (Youtube recorded presentation)

This recording is of a presentation by Patrick McAndrew given in July 2011 at The Open University. The youtube recording lasts about 45 minutes.

EU4ALL project on accessible learning

 The EU4ALL project is nearing completion and has launched a facebook page to allow people to follow the outcomes of the work at and also expanded its YouTube output


Next Generation Learning Call

The Next Generation Learning Challange has announced a call for proposals that cover its four themes of

  • Blended learning
  • Learner analytics
  • Deeper learning
  • Open educational resources

This first call is backed by the Gates Foundation with $20m. The deadline for first step proposal is November 19 2010.

Creative Commons interview with Patrick McAndrew

I was interviewed by Timothy Vollmer from Creative Commons over the summer and the result has appeared over on the Creative Commons blog

OLnet Team Meeting notes 30th June 2010

OLnet Team meeting 30/6/2010

Present: Patrick, Karen, Giota, Kasia, Tina, Michelle, Canan, Ann, Janet, Liam, Scott, Nick

Apologies: Simon, Anna, Andreia, Elpida, Eileen, Grainne

1. Round table introductions

Scott Leslie introduced himself he is:


An Open Future for Higher Education: EDUCAUSE Quarterly article

A new issue of EDUCAUSE Quarterly has just been released that focuses on "Anticipating the Future of Higher Education". The issue includes an article written by Patrick McAndrew, Eileen Scanlon and Doug Clow who all work with the OLnet team at The Open University that draws on a range of project work at the OU, including OpenLearn and OLnet. The lessons to take away are summarised as:

OER in Sweden conference

The OER conference in Stockholm (8&9 February 2010) addressed the scope for OER in Sweden. In many ways it could be ideal for adopting OER; there is a push towards distance learning that suits the geography and perhaps the personality and collaborative feel of the nation.

OpenSE – planning for open software engineering

The OpenSE project is about setting up a new service for open and participatory learning for Software Engineering (SE). The focus on SE (a related project OpenEd is looking a other subjects than Software Engineering) enables openSE to take a different approach to open learning by linking up to the already active open source community. This allows the learners to take part as genuine members of the developer community – not necessarily developing code as there are other activities such as writing documentation and testing the software.

Open Access Week

Open Access week started today (19-23 October). It is the fifth annual event to celebrate and promote an open approach to publishing and disseminating. This includes the open Educational Resources. There are several different events taking place (see for details). I am taking part by giving an elluminate talk on Open Access Research within the series of talks organised by Athabasca University (

Updated version of book chapter on OLnet

The book chapter "OLnet: a new approach to supporting the design and use of Open Educational Resources" mentioned by Grainne Conole in an earlier post has now been accepted for publication in "Looking toward the future of technology enhanced education: ubiquitous learning and the digital nature", M.Ebner and M.Schiefner(Eds). Final pre-print version is attached to this message.


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