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CETIS OER Gathering - Glasgow

I recently attended a CETIS one-day event to support the development of collections of open education resources. The day was to look at technical issues around collecting and using third-party OER content in a repository (drawing on the work of the ICoper project) and to look at issues around creating and providing dynamic collections of OERs (event link).

Jetpack Design Camp


Cohere Jetpack extension is a finalist in Jetpack For Learning Design Challenge

The Cohere Mozilla Jetpack extension has been selected as one of the 10 finalists in the Jetpack For Learning Design Challenge. I now get to go to Austin Texas to the design camp where we will do intesive final development and then the SXSW, where mozilla labs will announce the final winner!


Cohere Goes Open Source

Cohere source code is now available to download and use under LGPL license.

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