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Evaluation Tool for Aligning OER To Common Core Standards at OER Commons

Achieve and the Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education (ISKME) have announced a new tool for users to rate the quality of OER for teaching and student learning. The tool will allow educators to rate the quality of these resources for teaching and student learning, align these resources to the Common Core State Standards, and evaluate the extent to which the individual resources align to specific standards.

UNESCO Policy Forum - Mainstreaming Open Educational Practices (OPAL, CONCEDE)

 Mainstreaming Open Educational Practice

 UNESCO Joint policy forum of the OPAL and CONCEDE Projects

Image of UNESCO building

Key messages from the event on 14 Nov 2011:

SmartHistory is teaming up with the Khan Academy

Over the past few years has been growing fast. Content and usage numbers are way up (visits are now over 150,000 per month) and Beth Harris and Steven Zucker as well as their team have been working hard to make the site an indispensable resource for students and informal learners. At the same time, they have been actively looking for similar initiatives and tthe one that they were most excited about was the Khan Academy.

HESTIA wins Google Award

Google’s Digital Humanities Research Awards support 12 university research groups with unrestricted grants for one year, with the possibility of renewal for an additional year. One of the 12 projects that will receive Google's Digital Humanities Research Awards is HESTIA's Google Ancient Places (GAP): Discovering historic geographical entities in the Google Books corpus with principal investigators Dr Elton Barker (Open University), Dr Eric C.

Big Buck Bunny - The Open Movie Project



"Fairy Rings" of Participation: The invisible network influencing participation in online communities


We had the honour and joy to welcome Prof Jenny Preece at OLnet on the 8th and 9th of April. Jenny Preece together with Ben Schneiderman have created the Reader-to-Leader Framework, a framework supported by extensive references to the research literature that explains what motivates technology-mediated social participation in online communities.

Can India ascend into a leader in the open knowledge economy?


Herodotus World: Exploring the ancient world with Google

From an early age, Herodotus' inquiring nature led him to engage in extensive travelling. During his long and perilous journeys he examined, inquired and accumulated a vast amount of well-documented materials complementing them with rich narratives.


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