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Searching out the evidence for use and reuse of open educational resources

OLnet is an international research hub for aggregating, sharing, debating and improving Open Educational Resources (OER). The aim of OLnet is to gather evidence and methods about how we can research and understand ways to learn in a more open world, particularly linked to OER, but also looking at other influences. We want to gather evidence together, but also spot the ideas that people see emerging from the opportunities.

Supported by The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, OLnet is a partnership project between The Open University, UK and Carnegie Mellon University, USA. For more information about the project, see About OLnet.

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Evidence Hub for open education

The Evidence Hub for Open Education is a Collective Intelligence tool developed as part of the OLnet project. It aims to provide an environment to systematically interrogate the Open Education movement to represent and map the collective knowledge and memory of the Open Education community. Join us in building a living map of the OER world. Help us gather, distill, connect and map what is known - and what we don't yet know...
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